Basement floor tiles

Transform your cellar in a real living area with our floor tiles

Interlocking tiles for basement and cellar

You want to renovate your basement flooring or cellar floor? Use our basement floor tiles for a real living space in your house. You need to feel at ease whatever the room will transform into: wine cellar, home gym, man cave or underground bar…  In this case the floor needs to be flawless.

Durable and easy to clean, SWISSTRAX floor tiles are a perfect solution for a stunning floor! Choose our perforated tiles, Ribtrax Pro or Smoothtrax Pro to maintain a perfect aeration of your floor underneath the tiles.

basement flooring

An easy to install basement floor.

In a confined and closed space, with reduced ventilation possibilities, it is mandatory to use as little chemical as possible. For this reason, our basement floor tiles are perfect. They are installed without glue or chemicals. Start in the most visible corner and clip the tiles to each other. It’s easy, quick, and doesn’t require any specific tools.

Since there is no drying time, you can use the room immediately after installing the tiles. Put down your furniture, and you’re done!

Do you have to move? The SWISSTRAX floor tiles are also easy to disassemble. Take them with you to your new home!

Decorate your cellar with easy-to-clean floor tiles

A cellar floor must be aerated, this limits the accumulation of moisture. The SWISSTRAX basement floor tiles offer the necessary aeration (Ribtrax Pro and Smoothtrax Pro models). In case you don’t have humidity issues in the room, you can use solid floor tiles (Diamondtrax Pro or Home). However, in a cellar, we recommend the use of our openwork tiles with checkerboard effect.

Their draining structure allows air to circulate. They are clip-on, which means you can clean or dry a specific point of your floor, without having to disassemble the entire floor.

The maintenance of SWISSTRAX tiles it is very simple. Vacuum to remove dust (except when you have placed your floor directly on a dusty ground), then clean the surface of your tiles with a conventional household product and a mop.

In case of more stubborn stains, you will also have the possibility to clean by scrubbing a little more or to disassemble the tile to clean it individually.

The basement floor tiles are resistant to a lot of common house chemicals, in case of leakage or specific stain.

Which floor tiles to choose for your cellar?

Thanks to our different ranges, you have a wide choice of style and colors. Design your custom project by letting your imagination run wild.

Here is our small guide to choose your cellar flooring.

Design first: Ribtrax Pro

With 20 colors in permanent stock, the Ribtrax Pro is our favorite tile.

Checkerboard effect, color mix, this openwork tile lets dust fall between its 6mm streaks. Ideal therefore on a dusty ground, to stabilize easily while letting it breathe.

basement floor tiles
Ribtrax Pro tiles pearl grey color

Maximum walking comfort: Smoothtrax Pro

Are you going to spend a little more time in your cellar (bar, pool table, «man cave»…)? Our Smoothtrax Pro slabs will be your greatest allies. A flat surface for maximum comfort, and even easier cleaning (less space between the streaks: 3mm).

Dry cellar or insulated storeroom: opt for solid slabs

If the room is protected from moisture, you can opt for “full” tiles. It is a slab with a solid surface, without streaks. The slabs will be very easy to clean, but the ventilation will be reduced.

Two solid slab solutions at SWISSTRAX:

  • Diamondtrax slabs, which give a workshop look
  • Vinyltrax Pro slabs with parquet or marble effect: turn your cellar into a living room!

In conclusion: your tiles are to choose according to your project, and your tastes. If you need assistance, whether for the choice of tiles or dimensions, our team is at your disposal to accompany you.

Why choose Swisstrax?

By choosing the SWISSTRAX tiles, you make sure to choose the floor tiles from the original patent. Our company, with 20 years of experience, has chosen to produce 100% of its products in France (in the Hauts-de-France region).

We use a very high-quality raw material. Our polypropylene tiles are made of 100% virgin material: they emit no smell.

Our production in France also offers us the possibility to have a permanent stock: orders are shipped very quickly and deliveries are followed.

How to order your basement floor tiles ?

Three options for ordering your cellar flooring:

  • Call on our experts to develop your tailor-made project: surface calculation, wedging, design assistance…
  • Draw your floor yourself with our simulator
  • Your project is already defined? Buy online through our shop!