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Give your garage flooring a new look |SWISSTRAX tiles

Garage flooring : easy to install, you do not need any glue, joints, or any specific tools : the tiles just simply sit on the surface of your floor, for a complete transformation in just a few hours with uncompromising resistance. Customize your garage floor with no special tools, experience or adhesives. Unlike epoxy or floor paint there is no prep work needed. SWISSTRAX is the world famous modular flooring with 20 years’s experience.

garage flooring
Pearl Silver and Slate Grey Ribtrax Tiles for garage floor

Extremely resistant garage flooring

Our garage floor tiles are designed in accordance with the highest standards, subject to permanent quality controls. They also offer high resistance (25 T / m2) thanks to our high-quality manufacturing. Each tile is reinforced by four injection points. These garage tiles resist spills of oil, engine oil and battery acid. So, you have nothing to worry about their durability ! Swisstrax makes the best garage floor tiles, leaving the competition in the dust, but we didn’t stop there. We created a premium garage flooring for those who demand the ultimate protection. 20 colors available for your garage floor, mix the colors for an ultimate design. Our most popular product Ribtrax Pro is made for you.

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garage floor tiles
Garage flooring with 2 car pads

Easy and quick installation | Interlocking floor tiles – DIY

The advantage of Swisstrax floor tiles, their installation requires no tools, no glue, no seal. Their installation is childishly simple. You simply lay them on the floor and clip them together. Installation by yourself, your floor tiles are easy to install, no special tool requires ! Just a clipping system…

garage flooring installation
Simple clip together installation

The complete transformation of your garage floor will only take a few hours (depending on the size of the surface). And your garage floor will be operational at that exact moment, only leaving you to welcome your vehicles. Swisstrax tiles were designed and tested for harsh garage environments. Whether you’re looking for a garage floor solution that is strong or long-lasting, Swisstrax tiles have got you covered !

How to order your garage floor tiles?swisstrax france

The answer is very simple: just inform us about the dimensions of your garage or the surface to cover (in sqm), and we will provide you with the number of tiles needed. If so, please also let us know if there is more than one garage door.

You can choose the colors of the tiles to your liking: the cost are the same regardless of the color. It is possible to ask our Swisstrax Europe team a simulation of your transformed garage. This will help you make your color selection easier! This simulation is very convenient, fellow it when you receive your tiles ! All are available in stock in our headquarter in France and the shipping to European countries are fast. All these garage floor tiles are manufactured in France and shipped across Europe.

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Garage flooring maintenance

Cleaning your tiles has been designed to make your life easier. A hose or a high-pressure cleaner is enough for the washing of the tiles: the water will evacuate naturally due to their self-draining structure. In case of more stubborn stains, mix some household degreasers with water so that your garage floor tiles look like new again. Finally, be aware that the maintenance of your garage tiles is similar to that of a simple tile: Vacuuming and mopping the tiles from time to time is enough to extract impurities that are nestled between the tiles.

Concerning the shine and brightness of your tiles, anti-UV treatment is applied to the tiles during production.

And if you need to intervene on a part of the ground of your garage, the procedure to follow is easy: each tile can be withdrawn in a unitary way, simply by unclipping it. You will be able to access the natural floor of your surface without having to undo your entire installation.

Take a look at our tutorial video, to learn how to clean your garage tiles.

BMW garage floor tiles
Garage flooring with BMW design