Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put a four post car lift on Swisstrax tiles?

My answer is always the same … ”Can you put a lift on Swisstrax? … ABSOLUTELY. Do I recommend it? … NO”. Reason being, polypropylene tiles expand and contract like any other modular flooring. So even though the tiles can handle the psi of the lift, we recommend cutting around the tiles to allow the floor to expand and contract.

Can your tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, but the only tile that we recommend using outdoors is Ribtrax because of expansion purposes. The solid tiles can expand at a very high rate when exposed to sun which can cause buckling. The understructure and profile of the Ribtrax allows the tile to expand and contract within itself MUCH more than a solid tile or the Sportrax. Even though the expansion is reduced immensely with the Ribtrax, slight buckling may still occur if heavy items are left on the floor in an outdoors setting (vehicles, planter pots, etc.)

Will Swisstrax tiles fade in an outdoor install?

All our tiles have a UV Stabilizer built into the material (PP) and the color. This is something virtually no other company does! The package we use is a 3 year guarantee against fading on all colors. As we know, anything left in direct sun long enough will eventually show fading. With that said, we recommend using lighter colors outdoors as the tile color will last MUCH longer. Colors such as Pearl Silver, Pearl Grey, Ivory, and Mocha Java will last for years and fading will be reduced. Colors to stay away from outdoors are bright colors such as Tropical Orange, Terra Cotta, Turf Green, Royal and Island Blue, etc.

What is the best tile to use in a garage?

This one is easy! By far the Ribtrax is our premier tile and has been a “game changer” in the garage flooring industry. The Ribtrax tile is perforated which allows debris such as sand, dirt, snow, salt, water, etc. to go through the tile so you have a clean and presentable floor at all times. The Ribtrax tile is also equipped with a channel system on the under structure of the tile that is ¼” and runs in all different directions. This allows for cleaning of the under surface. Many customers use a pressure washer, shop vac, or yard blower to maintain their floor. Beauty is maintenance with the Ribtrax tile is minimal. Also, the solid tiles such as Diamondtrax, Cointrax, Floortrax and even Sportrax have a much higher expansion rate when it comes to temperature fluctuation. Expansion is the “nature of the beast” when it comes to plastic modular floor tiles. The Ribtrax due to its understructure design and profile reduces expansion and contraction immensely. If a customer has any direct sunlight in their floor when the garage door is open, we highly recommend Ribtrax because the other tile styles are prone to expansion and possible buckling. The Ribtrax will guarantee a satisfied customer for years to come.

Can we install this floor ourselves are do I need a contractor?

We consider Swisstrax tiles a DIY product that anyone can install themselves. Typically a standard two car garage for a first time installer will take about 4 hours. A professional can have it done in 2-2 ½ hours.

What kind of tools do I need to install the floor?

Very few is the simple answer! Some recommended tools would be a Sharpie Pen, Tape Measure, and some sort of Electrical Saw (with fine toothed blade) or Tile Cutter. Oh, I forgot, and your hands to interlock the tiles together.

How long has Swisstrax been in business?

The tiles have been manufactured for over 25 years. The molds were moved to the US in 2005 and that is when Swisstrax was born.

Where are the tiles manufactured?

We have a manufacturing plant in California since 2005 and in 2013 we opened a second location for manufacturing in British Columbia, Canada…And now in Europe, located in France by SWISSTRAX Europe.

Why is it called Swisstrax?

To this day our molds are designed by the Swiss. The Swiss are experts when it comes to engineering and design and they are the reason for our patented 4-Point Injection which allows for a much more thorough pour of a mold. MADE In N FRANCE and SWISS ENGINEERED. The perfect combination. Who are we ?

Can you turn vehicle tires on your tiles?

Yes, you can turn tires on Swisstrax tiles. With that said, I always give our customers a heads up that we don’t recommend turning tires fully while the vehicle is at a standstill. This can put a lot of stress on the connection system. SWISSTRAX demonstration

Can I remove a single tile from the middle of the floor?

ABSOLUTELY!! This is one thing we are known for. You can take a flat headed screw driver or what we use is a paint can opener. You can grab a corner and remove a single tile due to our QUICK-SNAP System. This is extremely unique in our industry. How to change a single SWISSTRAX tile ?

Are the tiles chemical resistant?

YES, all our tiles are chemical resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, etc. We have done many airline hangars due to the fact that our tiles are chemical resistant against skydrol which is known for its high corrosion rate. Resistance tests of SWISSTRAX tiles

Can I jack my vehicle up on Swisstrax tiles?

The resistance is 25T/m2, or 250Kg per cm2… For your safety and to maintain the robustness of your tiles, we recommend the use of small steel plates between the jack and the tiles. The tiles are used in motor racing environnement where the use of pneumatic jack is very common. We recommend a lifting jack with fairly wide wheels, minimum 80mm, but we strongly recommend inserting a steel plate between your tiles and your jack wheels in order to distribute the pressure exerted on the ground, and for your safety.

What are Swisstrax tiles made of?

100% Virgin Polypropylene.

What makes Swisstrax different from the “competition”?

Where to start?! Swisstrax products are the only Polypropylene modular tile with a 4-point injection process. It is a much more thorough process when pouring a mold than a single-point injection process used by competitors that can leave voids in the tiles. We have the Quick-Snap System which allows a customer to remove a single tile, or section of tiles, from the center of an application. With a competitor tile you would have to start at a wall or opening and work your way to the tile you need removed. There is 20-30% more connections per side with Swisstrax tiles than the competition. We also have Anti-Static and UV Stabilizer built into our material as well as the color. In our solid tile lines, there is no more than 3/8” gap on the understructure of the tile even when they are connected. Many of the competition tiles have large gaps under the tiles that can stretch up to 1 ½” when they are connected together. This can be an issue if you have a heavy item sit on the 1 ½” void with nothing for support. These are a few of the major points that differentiate us from the “others”. SWISSTRAX VS competitor : epoxy

Who are some of your partners?

We are a licensee for Barrett Jackson, Ford, John Deere and Petty’s Garage. We are preferred supplier of flooring to companies such as GM, Dodge/Chrysler, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Rockstar Garage, Monster Energy Drink, SEMA, MECUM Auction and many others. Companies that use SWISSTRAX Flooring

How do you clean the tiles?

There are a few ways to clean the tiles and this depends on the style of tile you have. With the solid tiles such as the Diamondtrax, Cointrax and Floortrax, you will maintain them just like you do a typical floor. You can use a hose to wash the tiles off or sweep debris away using a broom. This is the beauty of the Ribtrax tiles as it is known as the “Low Maintenance” tile. You can use a pressure washer or hose to spray down the tiles letting the debris run through the channel system below the tile out the garage door entry. Also popular is using a shop vac or yard blower. If something spills and leaves a residue circle, you can use a solution such as Simple Green or Greased Lightning which can be found in any general store. How to clean SWISSTRAX tiles

How do I cut the tiles in a wall-to-wall install?

You can cut the tiles with any professional cutter . You just want to make sure you use a fine toothed blade. A professional tile cutter can be purchased through Swisstrax that cuts tiles like a hot knife through butter. Either way, the tiles are very simple to work with!

Are adhesives needed to install Swisstrax floor tiles?

No, Swisstrax tiles are a floating floor system.

Do you need a rubber underlay under the tiles?

The rubber underlay is only suggested if you are NOT doing a wall-to-wall install such as a car pad or if you are using a solid tile such as Diamondtrax, Cointrax or Floortrax for sound-dampening purposes.

Can the tiles be installed over cracks?

Yes, Swisstrax tiles can be installed directly over cracks with no height differential. The only time a red flag comes up is if there is a crack that can be about ¾” in height differential and depending on where the crack falls in accordance where the vehicle is being driven. Many companies such as Ford, GM, Barrett Jackson and many others use our floors in parking lots during events with vehicles driving over or parked on them. Haven’t seen a garage floor as bad as a parking lot floor yet!

Can I install the Swisstrax floor over a drain?

ABSOLUTELY! The Ribtrax tile is PERFECT for a garage with a drain due to the fact that all the water will run through the channel system on the understructure of the tile into the drains. If a customer is dead-set on going with a solid tile, they can use the Sportrax tile that is perforated (no channel system on understructure like Ribtrax) over the drain so it may still be utilized.

Can Swisstrax be installed over in-floor radiant heating?

Yes, we highly recommend using the Ribtrax tile to allow for the heat to escape through the floor to maximize efficiency. We do not recommend solid tiles such as Diamondtrax, Cointrax or Floortrax because you would be trapping the heat which could cause the tile to expand at a high rate leading to possible buckling.

Are Swisstrax tiles waterproof?

Even though Swisstrax tiles are known as having the tightest snap-system on the market, they are not waterproof in regards to where the tiles interlock with each other.

Can different Swisstrax styles of tiles be interlocked with each other?

The tiles such as Diamondtrax Home are 30.5cm X 30.5cmx1.2cm and cannot be interlocked with each other. The Pro series tiles (Ribtrax Pro, Smoothtrax Pro, Diamondtrax Pro and Vinyltrax Pro) are 40cmx40cmx1.8 cm and can be combined within the Pro range.

Can you use Swisstrax tiles on stairs?

Yes, but we do not highly recommend this. You can use the tiles on stairs but extra installation and materials are needed. We will typically recommend using a color matched paint on the stairs.

Do you have an inside corner piece?

No, if an inside corner is needed then you will use a miter cut of the two edges that are meeting…like a picture frame.

Can I do a logo in the floor?

Yes, we do have the ability to incorporate logos into the floor. We route out the tile and inset the logo which has been put on a Vinyl surface for durability. We have the right to reproduce logos from Barrett Jackson, John Deere, Ford and Shelby because we are licensees. We can also do any logo that you or your customer has the right to reproduce such as a business logo or if they are granted written consent from the business on certified letter-head.

Do Swisstrax tiles release an off-gas?

Absolutely NOT! This is the beauty of 100% Virgin Polypropylene. Unlike PVC products (Polyvinyl Chloride) which many garage tiles are made of and are extremely hazardous to the environment, PP (Polypropylene) does not release an off-gas and is 100% recyclable.

What do I do if I have off-set garage doors or a man door lacking a threshold that requires cutting of tiles and attaching edges?

We recommend using an upgraded edge we call Treadware. Treadware is aluminum based product that is used over the edge of flooring and anchored into the concrete. Commonly used for commercial applications, off-setting garage doors where a full tile to attach standard edges cannot be achieved, or pedestrian doors lacking a threshold where a tile must be cut.

Are Swisstrax tiles mold and mildew resistant?

YES, depending on the tile style and application. If you have an application that involves a lot of moisture or high volumes of humidity, then Ribtrax tiles are a must. Ribtrax allows for ventilation and air flow through out your flooring system, so bacteria, mold and mildew issues are completely eliminated.