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Polypropylene floor tile for Home Gym

Finding suitable flooring options that can support heavy gym equipment while providing a safe training space, can sometimes be a headache. What if we told you that polypropylene floor tiles are the perfect solution for your home gym? With their durability and moisture resistance properties, these tiles are a wise investment for any fitness enthusiast.

We guide you to choose the right tiles for your gym: from design ideas to elevate your training space to installation, it will only take you a short time.

Transform your home gym with elegant and durable SWISSTRAX floor tiles.

A new floor for your home gym with SWISSTRAX floor tiles.

With SWISSTRAX tiles, you can transform your home gym into a space where you will love to train. The modular tiles, available in about twenty colors, allow you to customize the appearance of your fitness space.

However, the advantages of SWISSTRAX floor tiles do not stop at their style. Made from 100% virgin, high-quality polypropylene, SWISSTRAX tiles are moisture resistant and can easily withstand heavy gymnastics equipment.

Easy to install and even easier to maintain, the SWISSTRAX floor tiles are the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a functional and personalized home gym.

We recommend Ribtrax Pro or Smoothtrax Pro tiles in areas where weights may fall.

If your machines do not have a detachable weight, you can choose Vinyltrax Pro tiles, theses tiles have different finish such as wood, marble or carbon fiber.

Benefits of floor tiles in your home gym

  • Weight resistance: SWISSTRAX tiles withstand weights of 25 tonnes per m²
  • Moisture resistant: Polypropylene floor tiles are durable and moisture resistant, making them ideal for private gyms where moisture can be elevated. Their draining structure allows constant aeration of the floor.
  • Easy to install and replace: SWISSTRAX tiles can be installed in a matter of hours by simple clipping and do not require any special tools or patching.

By choosing modular tiles, you can easily replace damaged tiles without having to redo the entire floor. This saves you effort, time and money.

  • Non-slip surface: choose polypropylene floor tiles with a non-slip surface to avoid accidents and injuries during workouts. This safety is essential for any gym floor.
  • Customizable: Modular tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your home gym. It is the perfect solution to suit your tastes in any circumstance, even if you want to reorganize your room.
  • Cost-effective: Polypropylene floor tiles are an affordable home gym option compared to other types of flooring. They are economical while offering long-term sustainability. Also, if you move, take your tiles with you to your new gym or room.

Why choose SWISSTRAX for your home gym floor?


SWISSTRAX is a leading brand, recognized in more than 50 countries with more than 20 years of experience and holder of the original patent for polypropylene floor tiles.

The quality of SWISSTRAX Europe

All our products are made 100% in France in our iso9001 certified factory in the Hauts-de-France region, with a very high-quality raw material.

The SWISSTRAX tiles are the only ones to benefit from an X reinforcement that allows the tile to withstand torsion (antibreakage). Fixations are reinforced to limit tearing. Finally, we use front injection, the only method to guarantee the homogeneous distribution of polypropylene during injection.


Our 100% French production also allows us to have a permanent stock. All tiles are available. Once the order is validated, they are shipped within 48 to 72 hours. Deliveries are tracked and arrive after an appointment is made to ensure you are available to receive your floor tiles.

The SWISSTRAX customer service

You benefit from an individual follow-up of your order, with assistance in the wedging and calculation of tiles, and installation advice provided. Our customer service is available on the telephone in case of doubt (Monday to Friday 9h-12h and 13h30-18h).

Quotations are free and without obligation

How to order your home gym floor tiles?

To order your floor 3 solutions:

  • Order on our online shop: choice of tiles, colors… you are free to decide, and you can always contact us if in doubt.
  • Online floor simulator: configure your fitness space on our simulator. Room size, machine location: you are in control of your design! Let your imagination guide you. You will get a calculation of tiles that will allow you to order directly or call our team.
  • Contact or be contacted by a floor specialist. Fill out our contact form and our experts will respond quickly to accompany you in your order.