How to maintain your SWISSTRAX floor

Maintenance of SWISSTRAX floor tiles depends on the type of tile. In order to maintain the exceptional design of SWISSTRAX products, here are some useful tips for a clean and durable floor. Apart from following the assembly instructions provided with our tiles upon delivery, we also advise you to maintain your floor regularly like a traditional flooring and according to our recommendations. Owner of a SWISSTRAX flooring? About to become one? Some maintenance advice from us, the manufacturer, below:

Maintenance of your RIBTRAX Pro and SMOOTHTRAX Pro tiles (Openwork tiles)

We recommend basic maintenance: vacuuming to extract the various impurities and dust that have passed through your tiles. Cleaning your floor with a flat damp mop combined with a household degreaser. Rinse your floor and let your tiles dry. For any stubborn stains, use our SWISSTRAX tile cleaner directly on the affected areas. Frequency: Once a month.

For outdoor use, we recommend the use of a high-pressure cleaner directly on your tiles in addition to basic maintenance. For indoor or outdoor use, you can dismantle your floor as a complete block for a thorough cleaning and to clean your original floor, see the dedicated online video ‘grand nettoyage de printemps’. Please note that some degreasing products leave greasy residue that can clog your tiles and make them slippery. We recommend using a non-film-forming cleaning product. Make sure that the cleaning products used are intended for plastic floors (standard products available in supermarkets). Do not use wax-based products. It is recommended as far as possible to install a wiper mat intended to retain dust and impurities at the entrance of your paved area. Regular maintenance ensures the preservation of a clean floor and ensures the longevity of your flooring.

Professionals: The use of an automatic scrubber is possible for the maintenance of SWISSTRAX floor tiles, but steam cleaning should be preferred on this type of tile.

vacuuming a swisstrax flooring

Maintenance of Diamondtrax and Diamond Home floor tiles (solid tiles)

These slabs with a solid structure are maintained like tiles, vacuum your floor regularly. Then clean with a flat mop to evenly wipe the surface of your floor, combined with a non-film-forming household degreaser. Use a standard cleaner on the market, special for plastic floors, which does not leave greasy marks on your floor. On stubborn marks, you can use our SWISSTRAX special polypropylene material cleaner. It is important to allow your floor to dry entirely after cleaning before use. Recommended frequency: twice a month.

For a more in-depth cleaning, we recommend running a semi-rigid brush over your floor to remove impurities stuck in the spaces between the tiles (that occurs when the floor is not maintained regularly). Do not use plastic shine on SWISSTRAX floors or wax-based products, this could cause significant slipperiness. Take care not to let any hydrocarbons stagnate on your floor. Like the other models of tiles, we recommend installing a doormat at the entrance to your equipped room in order to dust off your shoes and extract any small gravel.

Also check periodically that the expansion space between your walls and your tiles is still present and that your tiles are not forced against your walls. Periodicity: Visual inspection every 3 months.

Professionals: The use of an automatic scrubber is recommended on this type of slab (for large surfaces).

maintenance of swisstrax floor with a mop

Vinyltrax | Marbletrax | Carbontrax

These floor tiles with an integrated vinyl in the upper part are also maintained like a traditional tile. Dust with a vacuum cleaner, wash your floor with a flat mop and a household degreaser, rinse and let dry. Frequency: twice a month minimum.

The installation of a doormat is also recommended for preventive dusting and to remove any small gravel under your shoes. Always use non-greasy cleaners, we recommend neutral and alkaline degreasers with high moist power. The SWISSTRAX cleaner is also at your service to clean stubborn dirt. A visual check is recommended every 3 months to verify that the expansion space between your walls and your tiles is still in place.

Professionals, please do not use scrubbers with rigid rotating brushes, otherwise they will scratch your floor, always use semi-rigid or flexible rotating brushes.

mopping a modular flooring

Equipment for the maintenance of SWISSTRAX floor tiles

Private use:

  • Vacuum
  • Flat mop
  • Degreaser
  • Brush broom
  • High pressure cleaner / water jet


  • Same list as above
  • + Steam scrubber for large surfaces

Cleaning advice:

On heavy traces such as grease and tar, use the SWISSTRAX cleaner first. If these heavy traces persist, apply white spirit, rub with the pure product directly on the stain and rinse thoroughly so that there are no slippery areas and stagnant white spirit on your floor. Traces of chewing gum stuck on your floor? Use a cold spray can to harden the chewing gum and use a hand scraper.

Our conclusion on the maintenance of SWISSTRAX floor tiles

Regularly maintain your floor in order to preserve its basic qualities and for the hygiene of your equipped area. The maintenance of SWISSTRAX floor tiles is no more restrictive than other traditional floors, even easier and less repetitive. These maintenance tips are only valid for SWISSTRAX brand floors benefiting from 20 years of experience and made with our specific high-quality material. Do you have a further question about the maintenance of your tiles? Contact our sales department, which is entirely at your service from Monday to Friday, either by telephone on 03 64 60 12 12 or by email.