Car dealership garage floor

13 May 2023 Automotive

Corporate car dealership flooring

A Car dealership garage floor  with your own colors and style. SWISSTRAX garage floor is a quick and easy solution for your professional floor, no closing during your works., stay open and make business !

Respect your own colors and your style with all the Swisstrax product range. Customize your floor with 6 tiles models and 20 available colors. Your personal company logo can be integrated in the floor.

A garage floor with an easy installation

Do you need to renovated your garage floor in your car dealership ? Create your floor ? Enjoy the SWISSTRAX solution with interlocking floor tiles, quick and easy installation, DIY. All the SWISSTRAX tiles are clipped toguether, no glue, no seal, you install our tiles directly on your original floor, no specific preparation. Stop closing during works, with SWISSTRAX there are non agressive odour during works, our tiles are in polypropylène 100% virgin.

20 colors for your floor

Swisstrax tiles allow you to create the mood and the floor style of your choice. Wood and stone design with Vinyltrax tiles, sport design with Ribtrax tiles…and now polished concrete design with our new tiles Marbletrax. Mix the model during installation, all the Swisstrax garage tiles have the same dimesions. (Our product)

A car dealership garage floor always clean

Keep your floor clean thanks to Ribtrax tiles model with his open profil design. It allows dust to pass through and maintain a clean floor. How to clean ? Engineered with an advanced channeling system underneath, you can easily remove dirt and debris with a high pressure hose or a shop vac. Are you looking for a wood or stone floor design ? Take advantage of the excellent ease of cleaning Vinyltrax tiles with their vinyl surface. 6 shade available for your garage floor dealership ( Vinyltrax tiles ).

Virtually indesctructible

Ribtrax is used by companies like Rockstar, Ford, Dodge and Barrett Jackson because of its durability. They demand the best garage floor tiles to showcase their brands while offering premium protection. Rollover strenght is 25T/sqm. Ultra thick for extra protection, compressive strength of 3120 psi. Our tiles are manufactured in polypropylène for a maximum durability ! Oil and chimical resitant ! UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant and non-slip. SWISSTRAX garage floor are manufactured in France for all the European market by our company SWISSTRAX Europe.

Garage floor without spot

All our tiles are manufactured in polypropylene, it is not pvc or rubber tiles, no tires spot on your floor because your vehicle stays in place for long period. Swisstrax makes the best garage floor tiles, leaving the competition in the dust, but we didn’t stop there. We created a premium tile for those who demand the ultimate protection.

Showcase your cars

Showcase your cars with SWISSTRAX floor solution, Ribtrax floor tiles come in 20 awesome colors. Combine different colors. Mix with different tile styles or add a custom logo to showcase your style !


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