Automotive showroom flooring

24 January 2020 Informations

Automotive showroom flooring for a great and attractive business. Use SWISSTRAX modular floor tiles for a quick and easy installation, visually attractive. Transform your showroom in a few hours and without major work. Find out why more and more professionals are choosing the SWISSTRAX flooring solution.

automotive showroom flooring
Modular floor tiles for automotive showroom


Modular floor tiles for professional automotive shoowrom

Too often professional car showrooms are left in rough concrete, often stained and unattractive. Your showroom is your showcase, we suggest you make it a sales aid tool. Create a design and welcoming automotive presentation space for your customers with a quick and easy-to-install product. SWISSTRAX floor tiles can be installed by simple clipping, no gluing or joints, place your showroom tiles directly on your floor without any specific preparation. Clipping is carried out by simple hand pressure.

revêtement de sol pour showroom automobile
Automotive showroom

Why SWISSTRAX tiles in an automotive showroom flooring

Check the example of the customer below illustrated in the photo, he wanted to create a welcoming showroom for his customers and showcase his vehicles. Whether you sell your vehicles on the internet or in a showroom, you need to stand out from the many offers on the market. SWISSTRAX floor tiles transform your spaces without causing work or closing your company. No drying time, no smell after installation, use immediatly your showroom floor. Maintenance consists of passing a vacuum cleaner from time to time and a flat mop in case of dirt.

rénovation showroom automobile automotive showrrom flooring installation

Premium quality flooring

SWISSTRAX products have been on the market for over 15 years, the products are proven and benefit from a wealth of experience. SWISSTRAX Europe manufactures its products in France for superior quality and for perfect product traceability. The resistance of the SWISSTRAX tiles is 25T / Sqm, the tiles are made of polypropylene, these are not pvc tiles. SWISSTRAX has developed a unique fixing concept on its floor tiles which allows you to carry out your maneuvers on site with the heaviest vehicles. No spot of hot tire, no spot due to long periods of immobilization of your vehicles. SWISSTRAX is an original and compliant product according to a registered model.

A design automotive showroom

Take advantage of the 20 colors of SWISSTRAX floor tiles available to do your own design, use the colors of your logo for example. SWISSTRAX offers floor tiles for automotive showrooms in 5 models. Combine the models during installation, all the tiles are the same size (40x40cm). Integrate your company logo into your floor thanks to our Graphictrax tiles model for an optimum customization. Removable and orientable logo.

logo sur sol de garage
Customize your floor

How to install your automotive showroom flooring

Installation is easy, the principle is to clip your tiles into each other thanks to an ingenious clip system. The assembly is carried out by yourself without any specific training, the installation can be compared to a Game for adults. If you need to adjust your showroom tiles, use a simple jigsaw or circular saw, the cuts are easy.

showroom flooring installation
Easy and quick installation

Differents floor solution

There are several solutions for your showroom floor on the market:

  • Floor paint
  • Résin
  • Ceramic tiles

Choosing SWISSTRAX flooring solution, it’s eliminate the most regular problems on these floor types : Peeling of the floor paint, blisters, scratches, hot tires spot, broken tiles, permanent maintenance … without counting downtime !


How to order your automotive showroom flooring

SWISSTRAX products are available in stock, we manufacture in France for superior quality and for immediate availability. Entrust us with the dimensions of your showroom, our team will draw up a design simulating your floor with your chosen colors and models. Your projects are followed by real specialists who assist you throughout the purchase and installation process. Visit us if you wish, come and discover our facilities of more than 1000Sqm. Contact us by email.

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