How to install SWISSTRAX garage flooring ?

10 June 2019 Advices

SWISSTRAX floor installation

How to install SWISSTRAX garage flooring in your garage or in your basement? It is normal to ask this question before choosing this new garage floor covering. The first answer that summarizes this article: Easy, fast and comfortable. Thousands of customers have already chosen this floor solution, whether it’s for your garage or for your garage passion, the SWISSTRAX garage floors meet your requirements.

refaire un sol de garage

Required tools to install your SWISSTRAX garage floor

Very few tools needed and no specific tools! These garage tiles are designed for installation by yourself and without being an ace of DIY. Too many floorings require a high level of craftsmanship and require the use of special tools not available in the general store. With SWISSTRAX flooring you eliminate all the constraints of the installation. Here are the list of ‘tools’ needed to know how to install SWISSTRAX garage tiles :

  • Gloves and protective glasses
  • A cutter for opening the boxes
  • A small plastic hammer if your garage area is important
  • A marker pen
  • One meter
  • A jigsaw for any tiles cuts (or circular saw)

comment installer des dalles de garage Swisstrax

Installation method

SWISSTRAX tiles are installed by simple clipping, no gluing or joint. The tiles are equipped with a clipping system on the 4 sides of the tile. Clipping is done by simply pressing your hand, you hear a ‘clik’ when your tile is clipped. If your garage area is important, we recommend the use of a small plastic hammer. The clipping system SWISSTRAX is molded to the tile during its manufacture, no room to add to fix your floor tiles. This ingenious clipping system is extremely beneficial if you compare this to the installation of a tiling or floor paint:

  • No specific floor preparation
  • No glue
  • No joints
  • No smell during installation
  • More confortable …
installation dalle pour garage
Installation par simple clipsage

SWISSTRAX designer

Even if the installation is more than easy, our specialists propose to carry out a color simulation of your garage floor. This simulation is very interesting because it allows you to have a visual before order, to determine the need for number of tiles and serves as an installation plan. The installation starts in front of your garage door to end against the back wall of your garage. Also use our Swisstrax designer that allows you to make your own simulation online … or entrust your dimensions to our specialists who will follow your project from beginning to end.

simulateur de sol swisstrax

How to adjust your Swisstrax tiles ?

A regular question during our customer exchanges is how to cut your floor tiles to fit your garage dimensions. The SWISSTRAX tiles’s dimensions are 40cm x 40cm and require a cut according to the measurements of your garage. Example, your garage is 4.20m wide? So you need 10 full tiles and half to fit that measurement. How to cut your last tile? Easily use a simple jigsaw on the market with a special plastic blade or circular saw. The cuts are easy, they do not break during cuts. You can cut circular shapes in your SWISSTRAX tiles, for example bypassing a pipe. Check out our installations videos.

decoupe dallesSWISSTRAX

How to desinstall your floor tiles ?

Now that you know how easy it is to install Swisstrax products, it’s interesting to know how to dismantle your floor. For garage floor use you do not have any reason to dismantle your floor except if you move. The tiles can be dismantled easily, just unclip them! The Swisstrax reinforced clipping system allows disassembly at will. Each tile is extractable unitarily, just unclip the tile you need using a small hook that we provide. It is therefore possible to access your natural floor, or pick up a small room through the tiles by unclipping only the desired location. SWISSTRAX floor are used in event areas where dismantling fixtures are very regular. The SWISSTRAX fastening system is reinforced to meet the most regular handling.

clef demontage dalle de sol
Clé pour démontage des dalles

How to order your SWISSTRAX floor ?

Contact us by phone or email the dimensions of your garage or the surface in m2(sqm). Our sales department proposes you your personalized quote the day of your request. SWISSTRAX products are guaranteed for 20 years for private use, the only products manufactured in FRANCE for the Europeans countries. The tiles are available in stock in France, after order confirmation, deliveries under 3 to 5 days to your home. (depend the country).