Automotive photo shooting studio

2 May 2023 Automotive

Modulable automotive photo shooting studio, customizable with 19 colors.

20 colors for your automotive photo shooting studio

Enjoy of the 19 available colors and different ranges of Swisstrax floor tiles to create your photo shooting studio. Create automotive, ecological, classic or modern sports spirits with Swisstrax automotive photo shooting tiles. Change the colors of your floor whenever you need thanks to the modularity of the product.

Modular floor tile

Create photo zones of the size you need, all tiles are modular, each tile is 40x40cm. Install your car photo shooting floor wherever and whenever you need, the Swisstrax ephemeral flooring solution is very valuable. The installation is very easy, you clip the tile with a simple pressure of the hand, no specific tool !

Optimize your brand

Highlight your vehicles thanks to the designs of the Swisstrax floor tiles, play with the colors of tiles, with the tiles models … A sports aspect with the Ribtrax tile, a modern look with the Vinyltrax tiles, and choose your atmosphere! Mix your moods, all floor tiles are compatible with each other.

Your product to the next level

Regularly vehicles are photographed on a simple concrete, on a carpet or on a dull ground paint. Differentiate yourself with the Swisstrax floor solution, transform your floor in minutes into a real professional photo studio! Attract your customers to your products with the different visual effects of the Swisstrax collection.

An automotive photo studio easy installed

Install your car photo shooting floor easily and quickly. All the tiles are clipped to each other, no glue or work! An individual car show area of ​​5.20m long and 2.80m wide will take you only a few minutes. For a perfect finish use the tiles’ s edges to delimit your area, edges with different colors…

Automotive photo studio examples

This professional wanted to create a car photo space, according to a requirement of time and quality. The Swisstax tiles meet exactly these requirements:

  • Saves time on installation, no need to close your garage during construction
  • A choice of 19 colors
  • Speed ​​and ease of implementation
  • A modular and moveable zone
  • The enhancement thanks to the visual effect of the tiles


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