Car wash flooring

5 May 2023 Automotive

Interlocking floor tiles

Car wash flooring design and functional with SWISSTRAX modular tile. Push the limits of your detailing center, transform your floor in hours easily ! Use our 20 colors, combine the tile models. Welcome your customer on a premium car wash floor !

SWISSTRAX car wash flooring is easy to install, an interlocking floor system. No glue, no specific floor preparation, no join, you just have to lay your tile directly on your original floor. No specific tools, install your floor just with your hand (with gloves) and if you have an important area use a plastic hammer. The floor tiles are fixed together because a loop and peg fixation system.

Antislip car wash flooring

The SWISSTRAX flooring is no slip, we use polypropylene to manufacture these tiles. This raw material is anti slip, when wet. This floor is very convenient if you wash your car with water, the profil is open ! Use Ribtrax or Smoothtrax tiles for your car wash flooring. You ll never have your feet in the water during work. UV Stabilizer mixed into the material as well as the color pigments, making them highly fade resistant.

Professional car wash flooring

Use the 20 colors available to realize your own design. You can combined the colors to delimitate some specific area, technical zone…Welcome your customer in a Professional car wash center, do the difference ! Are looking to insert your company logo on the floor ? Yes we can propose you different size of logo, we do not use paint for your logo, we use a specific tile where we insert your logo…easily to remove if necessary !

SWISSTRAX : Superior flooring quality

We propose a premium flooring quality because we select the best raw material to manufacture our tile. All our floor are realized with 100% virgin polypropylene. The color are UV resistant. SWISSTRAX proposes reinforced fixation on all the floor tiles collection, very convenient if you use large tires. SWISSTRAX products for European countries are manufactured in France. The best auto detailing center in the world use SWISSTRAX.

Durable and resistant

SWISSTRAX tiles are extremely resistant, 25T/sqm ! Design your detailing floor with these tiles made of polypropylene, resistant to hydrocarbons, brake fluid, solvent, etc. Do you use furniture on casters ? You will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of movement on your SWISSTRAX floor. And for superior comfort, use our new Smoothrax floor model, the design of the Ribtrax tiles but with a flat top for a better comfort and easier to clean !

How to receive your SWISSTRAX flooring ?

What are your car wash center dimensions ? How many doors and dims ? Our specialists will send your quotation quickly, all the SWISSTRAX tiles are available in stock. Daily shipment all over the European countries. Contact us here to receive our best price quotation.


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