SWISSTRAX Clipsable Tiles: why are they number 1 in Europe?

12 January 2024 Informations

SWISSTRAX clipsable tiles are premium quality clip-on tiles, often imitated (with more or less success) and mostly imported.

However, with 20 years of experience, SWISSTRAX clip-on floor tiles have an internationally recognized level of quality.

What makes the strength of SWISSTRAX floor tiles is in the details of the manufacture of each tile?

What are the important points to check when choosing a garage floor tile? These points are valid for all uses of SWISSTRAX tiles.

swisstrax advantages


Why use 100% virgin polypropylene for all SWISSTRAX clipsable tiles?

Polypropylene is a highly recyclable material with a very long service life. For the manufacture of our clip-on tiles we use 100% virgin polypropylene, that is to say not recycled. The question is therefore why, because of course a recycled polypropylene seems advantageous both from an ecological and economic point of view.

We went into the details of the difference in our article on polypropylene, but in summary here is what should be remembered:

  • Recycled polypropylene often contains other products (results of the recycling process) which reduces the strength of the tile, and accelerates its aging.
  • Colors: A virgin polypropylene has an almost transparent base color. It is therefore particularly easy to dose dyes. On the contrary, recycled polypropylene often has a shade that makes it difficult to calculate the amount of dyes. This requires testing, and does not guarantee color consistency across multiple productions.
  • Smell of tiles: products added to recycled polypropylene, sometimes leaves a smell that can be annoying in closed places like garages. This information is difficult to verify behind a screen, order samples to make sure it suits you.
  • Resistance to moisture and impact: an important point for the quality of the tiles. Recycled polypropylene, depending on the other products with which it is recycled, is less resistant to shocks, and can sometimes lose its anti-slip quality.
  • Polypropylene is highly resistant to hydrocarbons, hydraulic oils, brake fluid, battery acid… (be careful not to let aggressive products stagnate).


Comparison between recycled and virgin polypropylene


Why more raw material in the manufacture of SWISSTRAX floor tiles?

One of the important technical aspects that is easy to check: the weight of each tile, and therefore the amount of raw material used. Indeed, polypropylene is a plastic that is injected into a mold to form the final product: this implies that the amount of material is millimetric to avoid bubbles or waste. But weight is above all an indicator of quality.

The tiles hold on to the ground thanks to the total weight of your surface. As a result it erases small asperities, and slight defects of your base ground.

This is also very important in the overall strength of the tile.

In addition, tiles designed with more raw material provide better thermal and acoustic insulation for your garage or any other project. They help maintain room temperature by avoiding excessive variations due to external climate change. In addition, they significantly reduce the noise caused by vehicles or other activities in the garage.

At SWISSTRAX, we have studied the weight of the tiles for optimal strength, whether the installation is done in a garage, workshop or even in an industrial environment. We choose a top quality tile for all uses. However, the tiles remain light enough to be easy to handle and install.



Why the X-shaped reinforcements in the middle of the tile?

Like the amount of raw material, these reinforcements contribute to the strength and integrity of each tile. Indeed, it is one of the elements that allows the tile to withstand especially the turning of the wheels.

It is also essential for weight and impact resistance, by participating in the distribution of forces on each clip-on tile. With a presence in more than 50 countries and uses on different types of vehicles, SWISSTRAX tiles have been proven resistant from the lightest motorcycle to aircraft in a hangar.

The X-shaped reinforcement of SWISSTRAX tiles is therefore both an element of resistance AND an aesthetic element. These reinforcements are present on all SWISSTRAX tiles, but they are particularly visible on Ribtrax tiles. It therefore participates in this unique aspect of checkerboard even when laying in monochrome.


garage design avec dalles de sol facile à installer
monochrome garage with checkerboard effect.


Why front injection for SWISSTRAX flooring?

This is one of the most important and yet controversial points. Indeed, the injection site on the front is often called «unsightly». However, this little point makes all the difference.

Indeed, as mentioned above, the moulding of tiles has been specifically studied at SWISSTRAX. The injection in front is the only injection technique that allows to distribute the material optimally in the tile.

By injecting from the front, polypropylene is distributed first on the most important area: the top of the tile, then towards the areas where variations, if there are, will be the least visible, the bottom.

Front injection is the only way to ensure the highest quality for floor tiles. It allows maximum resistance, and an aesthetic result without problem on the surface.



Why a 100% French manufacture for SWISSTRAX clipsable tiles?

Our production plant (ISO9001 certified) is located in Hauts-de-France. We continuously produce high quality floor tiles. This is an important commitment on the part of SWISSTRAX, which makes it possible to enhance French know-how by creating jobs in France.

This also allows us to maintain an excellent level of quality thanks to well-controlled processes.

We control the raw materials in strict ways at the entrance and the floor tiles undergo quality control for each batch produced.

The dyes are themselves sourced in France for optimal quality and a constant hue from one production to another.

All tiles produced at SWISSTRAX for more than 20 years are of very high quality. The colors are identical and allow easy connections between different controls. All this is the consequence of the choice of a 100% French production.


To discover our production, we also made a video in our production plant to discover on YouTube.


Choosing SWISSTRAX means choosing a brand of very high quality, 100% clip-on tiles made in France with first-class materials! To order, go to our shop (France, Belgium and Monaco. For orders in another place please contact our team)!