Why is SWISSTRAX the world leader in garage floor tiles?

7 December 2023 Events, Informations

With more than 20 years of experience and a commitment to producing high quality products, SWISSTRAX is recognized worldwide for its exceptional range of flexible and versatile flooring. With a presence in more than 50 countries, SWISSTRAX is today the world leader in garage floor tiles with a commitment to high-quality products and customer satisfaction-oriented service.

What does this international vision represent? A few days away from our return from the United States where we participated in the SEMA Show as an exhibitor and partner of several stands and the show itself, we wanted to go into the details of what makes our international reputation.

SEMA Show gear booth with swisstrax flooring

The quality of the floor tiles at the base:

At the heart of our success is our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class products.

The use of very high-quality raw materials (a 100% virgin copolymer polypropylene), the production from the original patent with more than 20 years of experience, and manufacturing according to the highest quality standards, are important factors for high quality tiles.

SWISSTRAX tiles have advantages that imitations do not have:

  • A reinforced fastening system that resists shifting and wheel turning.
  • An X reinforcement that contributes to the strength of the tile to support weights up to 32T/m² when rolling
  • Front injection, the only method for optimal distribution of polypropylene on the surface of each tile
  • Optimal weight to ensure maximum mechanical strength and greater resistance to expansion.

The constraints related to the flooring project are also taken into account: resistance, passage, climatic conditions, aesthetic appeal… The SWISSTRAX floor tiles are adapted to each project in different regions of the world.

swisstrax advantages


World leader in garage floor tiles but 100% French manufacturing

We manufacture all our floor tiles 100% in France, with an experience of more than 20 years. This not only ensures strict quality control measures, but also allows us to showcase French craftsmanship and know-how internationally.

SWISSTRAX Europe has located its production in its ISO9001 certified factory located in Hauts-de-France. We use premium quality raw materials. The dyes are also French: they are identical from one production to another to guarantee the colors. As the world leader in floor tiles, quality must be consistent, regardless of the purpose and use of the tiles.

Thus, SWISSTRAX promotes French expertise internationally.

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized internationally, positioning us as a global leader in floor tiles. Our presence in more than 50 countries demonstrates our commitment to providing superior flooring solutions that meet international standards and exceed customer expectations.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of SWISSTRAX here.




100% satisfaction: customer service from a world leader in garage floor tiles

SWISSTRAX tiles are sent to more than 50 countries to individual customers, professionals and even major brands. By prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers and supporting projects from A to Z, we build a relationship of trust that is established over time.

Every purchase is accompanied by excellent customer service and support throughout the purchase process.

From the moment we get in touch, our team accompanies customers in the choice of colors, tile style but also in the measurement and layout of the project. The support does not stop with the order. The team remains attentive for the follow-up of the delivery as well as the installation advice if necessary.

Studying the specificities of each project, allows us to offer the flooring solution most adapted to each need. Our team will approach each project in a personalized way whether it is an individual parking space or a local of several hundred m².


A range of floor tiles that adapts to all projects

Recognizing the diverse requirements of homeowners and professionals, we offer a wide range of options suitable for any type of garage space. From heavy industrial applications to customizable residential designs, we offer versatile solutions tailored to individual preferences while meeting uncompromising quality standards.

We even now offer a range specially designed for public-friendly establishments: the Pro Safe range. Ask our team to know more. This range has a better fire resistance and is available in Ribtrax or Smoothtrax in dark grey.

With 5 tile styles and 20 colors the possibilities of customization are virtually endless.

SWISSTRAX tiles adapt to all situations and decorations, whatever the country, it is also the strength of a world leader in floor tiles. A look back at the diversity of SWISSTRAX tiles:

Openwork tiles

Openwork tiles can be used for many indoor and outdoor projects. Garage, showroom, exhibition, events, they will adapt to many situations.

Ribtrax Pro floor tiles

Our bestseller, the original tile. The Ribtrax pro is a snap-on tile with checkerboard design offering many possibilities for your project. With 20 colors available, you can customize your floor as you want.

ribtrax pro available colors

Smoothtrax Pro floor tiles

The Smoothtrax Pro clip-on floor tile fits particularly well for workshops. With an openwork surface but totally flat it is more comfortable to walk than the Ribtrax Pro. This floor tile is also ideal for SPA projects, pool deck or terraces!

smoothtrax pro available colors


The plain tiles

This type of tiles is for indoor use to limits the effects of expansion due to temperature fluctuations and humidity stagnation that would be caused outside.

Vinyltrax Pro floor tiles

The floor tiles with a parquet appearance. These clip-on tiles with a wood imitation are a perfect alternative to parquet for your flooring project.

They are compatible with all Pro tiles. This makes them ideal for events and trade shows.

vinyltrax pro available colors


Diamondtrax floor tiles

Diamondtrax Pro tiles: a striated aluminum appearance compatible with openwork tiles and vinlytrax floor tiles. These tiles are equivalent to a traditional floor tile, without the disadvantages of laying or maintaining a traditional floor.

diamondtrax pro available colors

Diamondtrax Home tiles:

A plastic tile flooring easier to assemble with tiles narrower and more manageable. Essentially adapted to projects in individuals projects.

diamond home available colors


International partners for the world leader in garage floor tiles

SWISSTRAX is the preferred supplier of several world-renowned brands. Companies like John Deere, Suzuki, Ford and Coca-Cola as well as events like the SEMA Show call on SWISSTRAX for their flooring needs.

The SWISSTRAX clip-on tiles are identical for professionals and individuals with the same premium quality, whatever the use.

Brands such as Décathlon use SWISSTRAX floor tiles on a daily basis in their sales area.

These brands trust SWISSTRAX with the elements mentioned above: the quality of the flooring, the level of customer service and the worldwide recognition of our brand.


Choosing SWISSTRAX means choosing a company that produces in France, has an international presence, and that many companies trust!